Assessing, Coaching and Mentoring

More Contact Time
means improved development


Creating Consistency and improving standards:


Self Assessment: Referees evaluating their own performance prior to their coach / mentor
Referee Observations: can be done anywhere with the platform, and creates consistency
Observer Observations: A development tool to coach and assess the observers – Raising standards, upskilling creating consistency.


Coaches Observations: Enable a coach to coach the coaches, follow club philosophy, upskill and develop staff
Fully trackable to show progress and development


Players Self Assessment on performance in training and games.
Coach feedback regards the same training and games and development plans put in place.
Players progress and development tracked and monitored, helping regards club age group transitions

Ability to create action plans and allocate to referees, coaches (players  and referees)

Within Assessing, Associations, federations, Leagues and Clubs can create an educational platform fully tracked and certificated through this. Ensuring all people within the club meet clubs standards and follow the philosophy.

The platform can be purchased as a club for use, or it can be as part of our consultancy, looking at the entire structure from top to bottom. 

Ensuring staff have the right qualifications to move forward with the future plans of any organsiation. 

Distance learning forum, to discuss, areas of a game, best practice without need for another session before the next game.

Analyse individuals, groups of players or the whole team.


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